Energy Management and GHG emissions

Costa Navarino has achieved a 80% reduction on the destination’s emissions for 2022, in comparison to 2019 figures and aims to reach a level of net-zero operations for the destination’s facilities by 2050 as part of the overall decarbonization strategy. The reduction comes from initiatives such as the supply of electricity produced from renewable sources, the reduction of LPG usage as well as the reduction of the energy consumption per night.

The decarbonization strategy entails the setting of short-term and long-term goals and actions to reduce CO2 emissions, both as regards direct emissions related to the use of fuels in energy production, as well as for indirect emissions that include the electricity purchase as well as all emissions related to the destination’s supply chain. The short-term goals are set to be implemented by 2034, and by 2030 Costa Navarino aims to supply electricity (100%) from renewable sources, while long term targets include reaching a net-zero level for all the facilities by 2050.

Costa Navarino adheres to strict environmental management guidelines, having environmental protection as a top priority from construction through to operation, listing among the top sustainable destinations worldwide having received a series of accolades, including the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the World Travel Market (WTM), etc.

The key consideration in the design of facilities at Costa Navarino was to create the necessary infrastructure for sustainable energy management which reduces energy needs while aiming to maximize the use of renewable energy. Based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, the building design and orientation of facilities at Costa Navarino optimize the use of natural elements, leading to an overall reduction of energy consumption.

Advanced materials and systems are installed in the buildings of Costa Navarino to further reduce energy consumption. The energy consumption from the operation is monitored and recorded according to ISO 14064, using advanced electronic measuring systems.