Environmental Education & Research

Navarino Environmental Observatory – An acclaimed research and education hub

Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and TEMES have joined forces since 2009, for the establishment of the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO). NEO is dedicated to research and education on the climate and environment in the Mediterranean region, where scientists from all over the world conduct frontline research, exchange knowledge and ideas, while at the same time develop new tools and methods that help protect the environment both locally and globally.

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Navarino Natura Hall

The Navarino Natura Hall is an exhibition center which combines modern, interactive technologies, slide shows and films about the surrounding habitats with updates on current Navarino Environmental Observatory projects and information about how the research is carried out. The purpose of this center is to inform visitors and locals about the uniqueness and beauty of the natural habitats of Messinia, familiarize them with environmental issues and offer them an entertaining and educational experience. Special programs for children are carried out in the center combining games with knowledge.

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