Landscape Preservation

The building footprint of Costa Navarino will be less than 10%, leaving 90% of the total land area dedicated to natural and planted greenery. During the construction phase, TEMES embarked on a challenging program to move on-site olive trees and temporarily plant them in a specially prepared reception area. As construction progressed, these trees were replanted in their final location on-site, in an effort to preserve what has been part of the landscape for centuries.

At this stage of development, 7,100 olive trees have been moved and replanted, while 1,000,000 endemic shrubs of different species have already been planted. This is the biggest transplanting program ever attempted in Europe, employing a significant number of agricultural scientists, topographers and landscape architects.

Upon completion of the program, at least 16,000 olive trees, more than 8,000 citrus and other trees will have been removed and replanted in their final position on-site, preserving the location’s natural beauty.