Art and Culture


The Diary of a monk

Gain a fascinating insight into the everyday life of a 17th-century Greek Orthodox monk on this tour of a fortified Byzantine monastic complex. Built in the late 12th-early 13th century, Andromonastiro was for hundreds of years home to men who had chosen to devote themselves to contemplation and prayer.

Explore this impressively restored monastery and discover what it was like to live there more than 300 years ago: clothing, food, rituals, punishment, work and… perils. The tour concludes with an exclusively arranged treat of the finest local produce in the Synodikon hall, the very same hall where – centuries ago – travelers were received and offered hospitality.

The King's Landing

Delve deep into the myths and legends of this Mycenaean royal palace at Ano Eglianos, which features in Homer’s account of the Trojan War.

Explore the fascinating site through an engaging Q & A, learn how to read and write some logograms of Linear B, the earliest attested form of Greek, and create your own writing system, the one and only “Linear D” (since A, B and C are already taken!).

In the “throne room” of the best preserved Mycenaean palace ever discovered, you will also have the opportunity to participate in an intriguing philosophical game!

Astronomy nights

A stellar experience!

With virtually no light pollution, Costa Navarino is the ideal spot to look through a telescope and investigate the cosmos. Each Astronomy Night begins when the stars come out and usually lasts a couple of hours, when planets glow brightly in the sky and starlight illuminates the night.

Organized by Navarino Environmental Observatory and Navarino Natura Hall, trained observers will take you on a unique guided tour of the night sky.

Philosophy walks

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greek thinkers on a ‘Philosophy Walk’ against the idyllic backdrop of the Messinian countryside.Led by classical scholars, these walks offer a unique opportunity to discuss important modern-day issues through the prism of ancient Greek philosophical thinking and find answers to contemporary problems by drawing on the wisdom of the past.

Indicative topics:

REVENGE – seen through the prism of Moral Values and Justice

POLITICS & PHILOSOPHY – Is there such a thing as ’Uncorrupted’?; propose how this may be possible

Art tour

Discover original works of the 17th-19th centuries, along with the creations of contemporary Greek and international artists that form an integral part of the interior designs of the hotels, restaurants, The Dunes Clubhouse, Anazoe Spa and the House of Events, at Navarino Dunes.