Art and Culture


Philosophy walks

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Greek thinkers on a ‘Philosophy Walk’ against the idyllic backdrop of the Messinian countryside. Led by classical scholars, these walks offer a unique opportunity to discuss important modern-day issues through the prism of ancient Greek philosophical thinking and find answers to contemporary problems by drawing on the wisdom of the past.

Astronomy nights

Astronomy Nights is an interactive experience at Costa Navarino organized by the Navarino Environmental Observatory and  Navarino Natura Hall.This unique astronomical experience includes observation of planets, like Saturn and its rings, features on the Moon, Jupiter and its satellites, beautiful nebulae such as Orion, galaxies, stars and many others.

Art tour

Discover original works of the 17th-19th centuries, along with the creations of contemporary Greek and international artists that form an integral part of the interior designs of the hotels, restaurants, The Dunes Clubhouse, Anazoe Spa and the House of Events, at Navarino Dunes.