Navarino Pet Community

Navarino Pet Community aims to increase awareness on the stray animals issue and is led by volunteers among the Costa Navarino associates, who have dedicated more than 3,500 hours. So far, more than 200 dogs and cats have found a permanent home both in Greece and around Europe.

Moreover, Costa Navarino in collaboration with the Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and with NGOs, have launched “Messinia Without Strays” in order to address the very serious issue concerning the protection and management of stray animals in the region of Messinia.

The program started in 2016  and until today has managed the following:

  • 250 stray animals have found a home in 13 countries
  • 137 have been sterilized
  • 3,500 hours of volunteer work invested in the program
  • 22 offer their services for free
  • 10 tons of pet food have been served to the four-legged guests of the program

For more information on how to adopt a rescued animal click here.