A marketplace where tradition meets modernity

From the ancient agora to the modern village square, a central meeting place has always been at the heart of Greek communities; a concept that is echoed in the essence of Navarino Agora.

Navarino Agora is a place where everyone comes together for a curated gastronomical, retail and cultural experience, and also a space where local talent can express and showcase Messinian heritage and contemporary cultural wealth through events, exhibitions, and workshops.

Through its diverse offerings, ranging from high-end Greek and international brands, Navarino Agora encapsulates the multifaceted character of Costa Navarino. Its experience-based philosophy brings together the best that Messinia and Greece have to offer through an eclectic curation of retail spaces, a variety of eateries, services, and an open-air cinema, complemented by a plethora of events.

A different culinary experience awaits guests in every corner of the Agora.
From high-end clothing, luxury beachwear and eyewear to eco-conscious jewellery and handcrafted hats, Navarino Agora offers an eclectic mix of retail spaces.
Navarino Agora welcomes summer with a tapestry of authentic experiences that appeal to visitors of all ages and tastes.
Guests and visitors can enjoy a selection of movies under the stars while soaking up the ambience of Navarino Agora.
A one-stop-shop for information and reservations for the activities and experiences offered in the region. Guests and visitors can also find Navarino Icons, a selection of local products along with a range of items especially designed for Costa Navarino.