The Bay Course

Awarded Golf Courses in Greece

The Bay Course

Awarded Golf Courses in Greece

The Bay Course

Awarded Golf Courses in Greece

The Bay Course

Awarded Golf Courses in Greece



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Open since October 2011, the 18-hole, 71 par seaside Bay Course at Navarino Bay, designed by Robert Trent Jones II, provides both a fun experience and a challenging test for golfers of all levels. Just a few minutes from Navarino Dunes, at the Navarino Bay development, the Bay Course offers an alternative set of challenges and choices in a quite different setting.

With the majority of tees offering sublime sea views and two holes playing along the historic Bay of Navarino, the course plays a little shorter than The Dunes Course at 5,614 metres from the back tees and meanders through three distinct natural landscapes. The Seaside, Canyon, and Grove holes provide striking contrasts that create a dramatic and memorable golf round.


Golfers experience four different Seaside greens framed by a scenic backdrop of the tranquil waters of the Bay of Navarino. The bay’s natural beauty is showcased on hole #4, a short and strategic par 4 directly fronting the bay with the town of Pylos visible in the background. This challenging hole offers tremendous visual appeal.


On The Bay Course’s numerous Canyon holes, golfers play from elevated tees and pursue their drives into and through box canyons as the course switches inland from the sea. These holes feel more intimate than the Seaside holes and offer very different views and a greater variety of strategic options.


More than 1,000 mature olive trees – some more than 500 years old – were saved during the construction of the course and transplanted along the perimeter. The Grove holes meander through this treed landscape, providing distinctive mountain views in striking contrast to the Seaside and Canyon holes.

The golf course plays from a variety of lengths designed to challenge golfers of various skill levels. Crafted across natural terrain, the layout offers panoramic seaside and mountain views in addition to having several holes that play directly along the sea, providing an unforgettable golfing experience. Moreover, players are welcome to sample the ripe fruit from the trees around the course at their leisure.

A Golfer’s Paradise in Greece

Golfers of all levels can benefit from the professional tuition offered by The Navarino Golf Academy, make use of the outstanding golf facilities, benefit from a wide array of golf packages with everything from shoes and buggies to full sets of golf clubs available for hire, and experience the sheer joy of golfing in Greece. Flame Restaurant, located in The Dunes Club House, specializes in expertly cooked steak dishes prepared from finest quality locally sourced meat, complemented by the freshest ingredients, together with herbs and vegetables from the restaurant’s own gardens.

Hole 1 Par 4
A straightforward opening hole, playing towards the picturesque Bay of Navarino.
Avoid the bunker of the and you may then have a fairly easy 2nd.
When the weather conditions are dry, it gives the opportunity for extra roll on the normally hard green.
Any shot short and right of the green will allow for an easier up and down. Good starting hole.
Hole 2 Par 3
A hole that runs directly along Navarino Bay with a perfect view of the town of Pylos from the tee.
Straightforward hole where if you are to miss your shot, miss it short.
Hole 3 Par 5
Uphill Par 5 with a generous fairway.
Avoid the fairway bunker about 80-100m short of the green at all costs and, whatever you do, do not leave your approach shot short or the ball will roll 30-40m back down the hill towards you.
Good chance to make a score, so if you avoid the two pitfalls you should leave the hole happy.
An extra club could be useful.
Hole 4 Par 5
This hole runs parallel to Hole 3 and is therefore downhill.
A quite reachable Par 5 for an experienced player.
Favor the right side of the fairway off the tee and avoid the big bunker short of the green with your second shot.
Approach the green carefully, as when dry it is very difficult to keep it from running through the back, so allow for this extra run.
A good birdie chance, especially for an experienced golfer.
Hole 5 Par 4
Short Par 4 with a very tricky shallow green.
Keep your tee shot to the right as there is trouble lurking to the left.
With your second shot to a very shallow green, take a club that will clear the front bunker.
Don’t worry too much about going for the flag but also try to avoid going long.
Precision is important here.
Hole 6 Par 3
Tough Par 3 where you definitely want to avoid the bunkers short and left of the green as it is almost a certain bogey from there.
Approach from the right-hand side and avoid attacking the left sided hole location unless you are feeling supremely confident.
Another tough green, so walk away with a par here and you’ll be very happy.
Make sure you enjoy the views over the bay from the elevated location.
Hole 7 Par 5
Considered the toughest hole on the Bay Course and rightly so.
You need to concentrate on keeping the ball in the fairway of the tee and be even more cautious with your second as trouble lurks everywhere.
Your problems don’t stop there, as the green is wildly undulating with deep bunkers on the right-hand side which you really need to avoid.
Approach to the green is definitely from the left-hand side.
A front hole location is easiest but with anything at the back be very careful and play conservatively. Walk away with a par and you’ll be very happy.
Hole 8 Par 3
The shortest hole over both courses, this is just over 100m in length from the back tees.
As it is the highest point of the course, the wind does play its part and missing left or right will leave a difficult up and down.
However, as it is so short you really should be able to find the green and two putt for a fairly easy par.
Hole 9 Par 4
Very enticing tee shot looking down the barrel of the hole from the high point of the tee.
You can afford to leak a little to the right and the ball should return to the fairway, but not too much.
Second shot will generally be off a downhill lie to a small undulating green, so allow for a little extra roll.
Better missing the green left than right.
Great hole to look at, but it tends to sneak up on you so take care.
Hole 10 Par 3
Hopefully you’ll have to wait on this tee because it has the most amazing view over Navarino Bay.
Sit and enjoy it but only if you have time.
This is a very difficult par 3 with hazards short, right and left of the very small and tough green.
Best to take one to two extra clubs and use the slope at the back to get as close to the hole as you can.
Hole 11 Par 3
Alright, two par 3s in a row, but once you get onto the back tee here you’ll fall in love with the hole.
Avoid the large left-hand bunker at all costs, especially because anything right of the hole should roll back onto the green.
Very difficult three-tier green that slopes from front to back and right to left, so take great care when putting.
Hole 12 Par 4
Short Par 4 and again, you need to avoid the bunkers off the tee.
From there you should have a fairly short second shot to a small but easy green.
Don’t go long as only trouble will be waiting.
Good chance for a score here.
Hole 13 Par 5
Short Par 5 which gives you a good birdie opportunity.
Stay left off the tee and avoid the fairway bunker.
From there, try to stay out of the bunkers for your second shot and you should have a fairly simple approach to a very undulating green, so pick the right club.
As it is not a long hole, good players can try to reach the green in two but be careful as trouble awaits both short in the bunkers.
Hole 14 Par 4
This hole is all about the tee shot.
The better player may want to take on the water off the tee.
From there it is a short 2nd shot to a small green with a tier running through the middle.
Any shot slightly left will roll back down onto the green so use this if you need to.
Hole 15 Par 4
Straight away Par 5 which generally plays into the wind.
Avoid the left-hand side with your tee shot and keep your approach shot out of the front right greenside bunker.
This green has another tier running through the middle, so take this into account for your approach to the green.
Another birdie chance.
Hole 16 Par 3
Short Par 3 with not too much trouble either side considering its length.
The large green means there is always the possibility of a three putt as there are some subtle breaks to avoid. Otherwise this is a good chance for a Birdie.
Make sure you catch the view of Navarino Bay whilst enjoying this hole.
Hole 17 Par 4
A signature hole of the Bay Course that runs directly along Navarino Bay.
One of the most difficult holes on the Course due to the water lurking all the way along the right and you can’t always see the putting surface from the tee.
Favour the left hand side of the green as at least you won’t be wet.
Walking off this hole with a par or even a Bogey is not a bad result.
Hole 18 Par 4
This hole shares the back tee with Hole 8.
Nice wide fairway to aim for and a generous green too.
As with most holes on The Bay Course, avoid the bunkers as they are very difficult.
The green has a tier that splits it into a front and back half. Otherwise a fairly simple finishing hole.
The Bay Course

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