Costa Navarino Events


2nd Messinia ProAm

Costa Navarino is getting ready for its 2nd Messinia ProAm on 21-24 February 2018.
With a prize fund of 50.000€, 50 top professional golfers and 150 amateurs and celebrities from all over the word will have the chance to compete in the two multi-awarded golf courses under the Messinian sunny sky.
Participants that complete their registration until September 30th, 2017, will get a 10% early bird  discount on their accommodation package.


Costa Navarino Eagles Presidents Golf Cup

On 9-12 November 2017, the international golf tournament Costa Navarino Eagles Presidents Golf Cup organized by EAGLES’ Charity Golf Club is hosted by Costa Navarino for the third time. Star guests from the worlds of sport, entertainment and business, united through golf, raise funds for several charitable causes, whilst enjoying exciting tournament days and great weather at the destination’s signature golf courses.

Cultural Weekend: Under the Spell of Greek Costume


Be part of an inspiring journey into a world where tradition meets fashion, at the exhibition “Under the spell of Greek costume: Contemporary creations animate the Benaki Museum collections”, guided by designers and artists including Sophia Kokosalaki, Zeus+Dione and Blind Adam,with exhibits also from The Victoria G. Karelias Collection of Greek Traditional Costumes.


Navarino Challenge

On 13-15 October 2017, the award-winning Navarino Challenge will enter its 5th year with a vast array of sports activities! Led by the legendary Greek-American ultra-marathon runner Dean Karnazes and joined by Olympic medalists and other prominent athletes, the non-competitive event aims to raise awareness about the benefits of healthy living, exercise and the Mediterranean diet as well as the issue of childhood obesity. Stay tuned for the opening of registrations.


Democracy & Film Weekend

On 15-17 September 2017, The New York Times will be coming back to Costa Navarino for their next discussion forum on Democracy, in the framework of the Athens Democracy Forum. This year, internationally acclaimed directors and actors, key opinion leaders and influencers will gather to discuss the relationship between Democracy & Film. Participants with an interest in films and democracy will have a unique opportunity to escape on a memorable weekend event in a relaxed environment, and immerse themselves in authentic experiences.  


12th Aegean Airlines Pro-Am

The Aegean Airlines Pro-Am took place for the 12th time in 2017 from 7th to 10th June 2017 at Costa Navarino in Greece with 60 PGA Professionals competing for a prize fund of €70,000. Peter Gustafsson crowned winner taking home the first prize of €7,000. The hugely popular event is known around the world for its quality both on and off the golf course, with participants enjoying entertainment at the various après-golf events throughout the tournament week, along with 54 holes of golf on The Dunes and The Bay Courses.

Under the spell of the Greek costume

Contemporary creations animate the Benaki Museum collections. For the second consecutive year, three dynamic bodies, the Benaki Museum, Costa Navarino and Athens International Airport, join forces for culture with a unique exhibition project. Leveraging on the collection of historical representations of Greek costumes, distinguished Greek and foreign contemporary creators from the world of fashion and art, including Jean Paul Gaultier, present works inspired by traditional Greek costumes and endorse the infinitude of “greekness” in fashion and aesthetics. The new artworks are exhibited in two parallel venues, at Athens International Airport and at Costa Navarino from April to November 2017.

Messinia ProAm, 21-24 Feb. 2017

The Messinia Pro-Am marked its first year of full success and was completed with unique performances on 21-24 February! The golf tournament attracted 27 teams consisting of 27 top professionals and 81 amateur golfers from 14 countries, who experienced the signature golf courses under the sunny sky, the Messinian hospitality, as well as many surprises! Federico Elli (PGA Italy) was the 1st Messinia Pro-Am professional champion while the 1st place team was the professional Stuart Boyle and amateurs Haris Papadopoulos, Georgios Kyvernitis and Daniele Bovio. Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2nd Messinia Pro-Am 2018!


Ambassadors Golf Cup

For the sixth consecutive year, a large number of players took part in The Ambassadors Golf Cup. The tournament is an exciting and challenging event that takes place at the destination’s award-winning signature golf courses, The Dunes Course and The Bay Course.


Architecture & Democracy Weekend

The relationship between architecture and democracy was the focal point of the exclusive “Architecture & Democracy” event held on 17 September. Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman, chief architect of Zaha Hadid Architects Patrik Schumacher, urbanist and author Charles Landry and emeritus professor of archaeology Petros Themelis participated in this year’s event along with more than 100 guests from all over the world.


Hercules, guardian of the Olympic Games

Greek Marionette Theatre and Costa Navarino offered guests a unique puppet theatre experience featuring gods and demigods from Greek mythology in an original story that promotes the values of the Olympic Games and the importance of fair play. Six professional puppeteer actors, the biggest stage in the world for puppet theatre and the largest puppets in the world, some 80 cm tall, presented a fascinating spectacle for all ages, one which is both educational and fun.


“Gist & Friends” Basketball Camp

Days of basketball fun from June 26-30 with the participation of more than 80 children, parents and coaches at the FIBA-standard court of The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino. The children had the opportunity to learn from the American professional player James Gist, who revealed a number of basketball secrets and gave useful advice about nutrition and health.


Gastronomy seminars from the Captain Vassilis Foundation

The Captain Vassilis Foundation successfully completed the 4th series of Gastronomy seminars, aimed at familiarizing culinary professionals with Messinia’s authentic cuisine and local products. Acclaimed chefs shared their expertise and passion for the region’s rich gastronomic heritage from 10 to 12 May 2016.

“A day at the lagoon” photo exhibition

Costa Navarino and City Link in collaboration with two environmental NGOs, Archelon and the Greek Herpetological Society, revealed the natural wealth of Gialova lagoon through 26 photos by nature photographer Andrea Bonetti, in the framework of actions to safeguard Messinia’s natural splendor. The exhibition took place from 16 May until 13 June 2016 at “City Link” in Athens, with the aim to highlight Messinia’s unique environmental diversity and promote nature conservation.


“Olympic Games 1896” Photographic Exhibition

The Benaki Museum, Athens International Airport and Costa Navarino proudly presented the intriguing photographic exhibition “Olympic Games 1896: The historical photographs of Albert Mayer from the Benaki Museum Collection through the eyes of Eva Nathena”, on the occasion of this year’s Olympics and 120 years since the revival of the ancient Games. The exhibition took visitors on a digital journey back in time to the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, showcasing rare original photographs from the album of photographer Albert Meyer.


Teaching the golfers of tomorrow

Navarino Golf Academy has been holding a successful series of innovative workshops in Messinian schools, introducing the new Olympic game to more than 550 children. The aspiring champions, aged 6-12, were given the opportunity to learn the rules and spirit of the game while discovering their own skills. The third consecutive year of these school workshops underlines the commitment of Navarino Golf Academy to familiarize kids with the sport and offer a future to young golfers.


7 Wise Men in Cosmology at Costa Navarino and Athens

Costa Navarino had the honor to host 3 Nobel laureates and 3 leading international scientists from across the world in the field of Cosmology, to help bring science closer to a new audience, giving the opportunity to young people to interact with the wise men of today: James Cronin, Nobel 1980, David Gross, Nobel 2004, George F. Smoot, Nobel, 2006, Alexei Starobinski, Kavli Prize 2014, George Efstathiou, Sir Robert Penrose, Alexei Starobinski, Gabriele Veneziano and Mr. Stamatis Krimigis, the President of the Organizing Committee, who has contributed to the recent exploration of Mars.

ABTA Travel Convention 2015 at Costa Navarino

The ABTA (UK’s largest travel association) 2015 Travel Convention took place in 12-14 October 2015 at Costa Navarino, bringing Messinia and the Peloponnese to the center of attention of the UK Travel Industry. The three-day flagship event was hosted by The Prefecture of Peloponnese and GNTO in partnership with Costa Navarino, Aegean Airlines and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino.

Navarino Challenge strike three

The weekend 11-13 September 2016, Navarino Challenge marked another year of success. Led by the legendary Greek-American ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes, and joined by prominent athletes such as Olympic medalists Alexandros Nikolaidis, Spyros Gianniotis and Periklis Iakovakis, the 3-day event welcomed more than 1,000 participants of all ages, who took part in an enriched program of activities including indoor climbing, swimming, cycling, tae kwon do, pilates and many more activities complementing its usual running routes. This year’s event aimed once again at raising awareness on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet as well as on the global issue of childhood obesity.


Art and democracy

The relationship between art and democracy was the focal point of the exclusive “Art & Democracy” event that was held on 12 September at Costa Navarino. The event was organized by The International New York Times and Costa Navarino, in the framework of the International New York Times Athens Democracy Forum 2016. The Nobel Prize-winning Economist Paul Krugman and the contemporary American artist Jeff Koons were leading in an interactive discussion, chaired by Serge Schmemann, member of the editorial board of The New York Times.


Running with the legend

Navarino Challenge reached new levels of success with more than 2,000 professional athletes and enthusiasts of all ages (from seven months to 82 years old!) participating in over 15 sports activities.