Creating new jobs and business opportunities

Costa Navarino ensures that 70% of its associates are hired locally, from the wider region of Messinia. This policy has created new jobs and additional sources of income for the local people. At the same time, our practices have a bearing on job satisfaction, a key factor for providing the highest quality of service to our visitors. Some 83% of our vendors are located in Greece, with 20% being suppliers and businesses operating in Messinia. Besides our close cooperation with local producers and use of mostly locally sourced products, we have developed – in partnership with local producers – high quality food products and art objects under the “Navarino Icons” brand and fine wine and spirits under the “Navarino Vineyards” label, with the aim of acquainting people with the region’s gastronomy and history. This line of products is created locally and distributed both on site and globally. They are sold at landmark locations worldwide and the network of international points of sale is constantly expanding. In addition, the Captain Vassilis Foundation has organized seminars to promote exports of local products, bringing together 300 local producers with 18 companies from around the world interested in their products and 10 commercial attachés from different countries. The Foundation also organizes seminars for the dissemination of best practices in agricultural development, with the cooperation of specialized scientists and local authorities and the participation of local farmers. To underline its strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, Costa Navarino has created its own organic garden, where we cultivate mainly local varieties of fruit and vegetables that we use in our restaurants.