Water Sports

Navarino Sea offers water sports enthusiasts, hours of exhilarating pleasure under the warm Messinian sun. A vast range of water experiences are available to enjoy in the mild climate, throughout the different seasons.

Navarino Sea on Water by Surf Salad specializes in surface water sports; try Sea Kayaking for fun rides, family day rides and surrounding beach visits, in an escorted half-day or full-day trip, one of the best ways to stay fit and have fun in the sea, for all ages, especially early in the morning just right before sunset.

Stand-up Paddleboarding is fast gaining in popularity worldwide and is easy to learn, in a location surrounded by some of the best beaches in Greece. Fun paddles for the beginners or a daily trip to Voidokilia are the best choices for those who want to experience the calmness of the Ionian.

Kitesurf is an unforgettable experience that will change the way you look at the sea, private lessons for beginners and advanced coaching from experienced instructors at the Kite school, operating under the highest standards.

Enjoy some of the best Mediterranean swells during the summer and one of the best wave riding locations in Europe during wintertime. Take the opportunity to learn the basics or hone your skills in one of the best surfing spots in Greece. Try the Surfari, riding the 10 best spots in the area and fishing at the Surf Club in the afternoon. While windsurfers will be in their element, enjoying low winds throughout summer and rougher conditions in winter.

The Windsurf School is fully operational, offering classes for beginners through to advanced and modern equipment.

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