Anazoe Spa

The 4,000m² Anazoe Spa offers a unique wellness sanctuary, with a full range of specialty treatments based on health and beauty practices of ancient Greece which make full use of the region's exclusive natural and revitalizing ingredients, as well as products from around the globe.

At Navarino Dunes, an acclaimed luxury resort with spa facilities in the Peloponnese, guests will find an award-winning combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, which forms the basis for innovative signature treatments that set it apart from any other spa resort in Greece.

Our therapeutic olive-oil treatments (oleotherapy®), based on ancient local practices inscribed on clay tablets discovered at the nearby Palace of Nestor, are unique in the world. Many of our therapies expand on the ideas of Hippocrates (460-377 BC), known in the West as the father of medicine, who described olive oil as “the great therapeutic”. The spa also features kinisiotherapy, thalassotherapy and floating pools, indoor and outdoor treatment areas, as well as an extensive range of light therapies and heat experiences, including ice-grotto rooms, mist showers and herbal saunas.

Costa Navarino is blessed with an abundance of beneficial herbs that are carefully selected and gathered for the Anazoe Spa products. Tapping into the secrets of ancient wisdom, the active ingredients of these precious gifts of organic origin are slowly extracted by boiling. This natural process of extraction effectively preserves the anti-oxidants, vitamins and pure vital essence of each plant.

In Anazoe Spa’s herb garden, guests staying at either one of our 5 star deluxe resorts in Peloponnese can view and choose those local herbs best suited to their own personalized treatment.