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Inspired by a rich architectural heritage spanning millennia

Contemporary architecture that draws on a rich heritage spanning 4,500 years. Inspired by Mycenaean innovation, Classical elegance, Medieval practicality and Byzantine majesty. Yet incorporating the very latest engineering and technological innovations to provide an excitingly modern residential experience. Distinctive architectural creations with roots in the past, resonance in the present, and an eye to the future.

Sustainable, premium quality construction materials and textures that evoke pleasurable sensations. Attractive wooden elements and tasteful finishing that create warm interiors, with alluring water features further enhancing the atmosphere of calm. Carefully positioned windows that admit ample natural light, producing different moods during the day. While outside, stone paving and native vegetation foster a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings.

Meet the architects

Leading Greek architects were inspired by the region’s history, materials and natural environment, delivering unique contemporary, functional designs for Costa Navarino Residences.

A.N. Tombazis & Associates

Tombazis Associates were founded in 1963 by Alexandros Tombazis. Over the past five decades the practice has designed buildings of almost every type and scale, primarily in Greece, but also in Portugal, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and China.

Coordinated by a senior architect, a highly motivated team is assigned to each project from the conceptual stage until completion. This ensures personal interest, continuity of thought and reliability of services. We work closely with the client and with other relevant engineering disciplines, as we firmly believe that architecture is a product of dialogue and collaboration.

A.N. Tombazis & Associates approach design in a holistic way, drawing inspiration from all elements of which architecture is composed: place, climate, history, culture, function, sustainability, social considerations, beauty, technique. Their guiding principle is less is beautiful, “less” implying a responsible and knowledgeable judgment of what is necessary in each case. It is this economy of means, energy, cost or aesthetics which lends an inner beauty to design.

Many of their commissions are a result of design competitions, while a number of projects, Navarino Dunes in particular, have received prestigious environmental and design awards.

Buerger katsota

buerger katsota architects was founded in 2005 by Stephan Buerger and Demetra Katsota. The collaborative architectural practice operates internationally within the field of architecture, urban- ism, place making and research delivering projects from master planning to urban design, housing to private residences and interiors, exhibitions and publications. Having successfully been en- gaged with a variety of architectural and urban design projects as well as academic and editorial research, buerger katsota architects have gained reputation as a leading young European ar- chitectural practice.

The practice’s work is direct, poetic and pragmatic. Informed by the physical, cultural and socio- political context of each project, the continuous questioning of the given generates a process of abstraction leading to subtle yet innovative visions for new realities. The work is based upon a solid foundation of design excellence, programme, time, budget control and project management. Working together with clients, end users, consultants and contractors from the initial concept through planning and realisation, high quality design, outstanding detailing and construction are achieved.


buerger katsota architects are currently involved in a variety of projects in Greece, the Adriatic and Austria ranging in scale from a house close to Athens’ coast (2019) and a villa in Antiparos, Greece (2019), to the conversion of a multipurpose conversion of a 1970’s building in Klagenfurt, Austria (2021) alongside the PXAthens non-profit urban initiatives. On-going hospitality projects include the conversion of a hotel into two private residences in Paros, Greece (2019), nineteen private holiday residences in a luxury resort in Messinia, Greece (2021), a hotel and villas devel- opment in Istria, Croatia (2021).


buerger katsota architects are committed to a research-based approach that includes teaching and writing on architecture and the city. The practice has achieved recognition from national and international publications and exhibitions, winning and shortlisted entries in competitions and awards. Their work has been featured in Architecture in Greece, Bauwelt, Wallpaper, The Guard- ian among other media. Notably, their 48 student studios hall of residence at Patras, Greece garnered the EIA Common Use Award (2013) and the House S in Vienna, Austria (2010), the ‘Architecture Abroad’ Award 2010 of the Union of Greek Architects. They have received multiple nominations for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van der Rohe Award (2013 and 2015) and have participated twice in the Architecture Biennale of Venice (2012 and 2014).


ISV Architects

ISV Architects is based in Greece with a branch in London, specializing in the design and construction of various types of buildings (homes, villas, high-end hotels, commercial premises, offices, stores) both in Greece and internationally.

The firm is headed by three senior partners: Babis Ioannou, Tasos Sotiropoulos and Alexander Van Gilder. Having started out in 1977, undertaking complex building projects in Greece and abroad, ISV Architects has earned a reputation for simple and restrained design language, transcribing a modern architectural vocabulary into the ever shifting reality of the 21st century. ISV has an expanding portfolio of international projects ranging from small-scale interior design projects to large-scale residential complexes, hotels and office buildings. A team of inspired, talented young architects ensures that ISV continues to maintain its dynamic approach to design.

Architecturally, their core values are incorporated in an anthropocentric design approach that prioritizes the enhancement of human wellbeing. Key elements to ISV’s architecture are the subtle use of natural and artificial light, distinct and comprehensible spatial geometry as the chief factor for a proper architectural composition, along with the fusion of interior and exterior through controlled transparency. Nature, the environment and sustainability are the primary sources of our inspiration.

KLAB Architecture

KLAB architecture was founded by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos in 2001. The firm comprises of an international group of highly qualified and motivated architects seeking opportunities to create unique and intriguing architecture. KLAB architecture aims to produce high-quality architecture that broadens the mind and expands the potential of the discipline through innovative approaches.

Since 2010, KLAB architecture has also been operating in the UK from its office in London. KLAB architecture’s work has been widely published internationally:

In 2008, KLAB architecture earned global recognition when Wallpaper magazine included it among the most promising architectural firms in the world. In 2010, it was featured in the book Starchitects among the visionary architects of the 21st century. In 2011 at the X International Awards, KLAB architecture won the prestigious Best Commercial Project 2011 award for its “placebo pharmacy”, and in 2014, the “urban stripes” apartment building was nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe award.

Konstantinos Labrinopoulos, head of KLAB, has lectured in architecture schools in Israel and Germany.

Kois Associated Architects

Kois Associated Architects was founded in Athens in 2007 by architect Stelios Kois.
The office deals with a range of projects on several different fields of design; spanning from smaller to larger scale projects.
The design ethos of the collaboration is the synchronized engagement in practice and research that leads to the evaluation and generation of new solutions. Research topics are drawn from natural formal and social sciences in an attempt to form an interdisciplinary network of information that will inform the decision making process. “Kois Associated Architects” works in a continuous workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, graphic artists and town planners from different cultural backgrounds. The practice’s view is that only through diversity and antithesis true innovative solution emerges and manifests its self. The projects produced by the office have been awarded on an international level; and published in both local and international books, magazines and websites.


k-studio is an architecture firm based in Athens, Greece. It was established in 2002 by UCL graduates Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis. The studio has grown over the years with a multi-national staff working from the Athens offices as well as collaborators based in London. Together they have developed a reputation for their fresh, dynamic approach to architectural interventions. Their portfolio includes a variety of projects from shops, restaurants and offices to hotel rooms, apartments and new build houses. Built work is primarily based in Greece, the Greek islands and London with some projects located in France and Switzerland.
The firm believes that creative experimentation and fresh thinking leads to exciting architectural experiences on every scale and in all aspects of life. Background research focuses on the characteristics of the site and brief and the design concept is developed through a palette of ideas and materials that honestly and holistically respond to both. This contextual
approach produces unique architectural experiences for each project, in which every element of the design comes together within a clear concept that successfully presents the identity of the client.

Potiropoulos + Partners

A modern, dynamic firm capable of responding promptly and effectively to the demanding and ever-changing global market, Potiropoulos + Partners is dedicated to the development of solutions that are flexible and client-oriented, yet clearly defined as to its principles.

Combining the pursuit of theoretical and design issues with the ability to implement complex and large-scale projects, Potiropoulos + Partners aspires to serve as a wellspring of originality for its clients and for society in general, by constantly exploring new creative ideas, innovative technological solutions and other comparative advantages which can provide added value to the built environment.

With the three core values of vision, creativity and reliability, Potiropoulos + Partners’ primary purpose is to support clients in every big or small step they may take, provide them with modern and responsible solutions and assist in the realization of their visions.

The firm’s work has been repeatedly awarded and showcased in both national and international architecture exhibitions, while many of its projects have been featured in the architectural and popular press.

TPA Thymio Papayannis and Associates

The Consulting Firm Thymio Papayannis and Associates SA  (TPA), located in Athens, Greece, being one of the largest multidisciplinary consulting firms in the country, is providing technical and social services in Greece and internationally for more than 60 years.

TPA primary objective is to take a holistic approach to the design and management of space within the framework of sustainability, providing integrated services in the fields of regional planning, environmental protection, urban planning and environment, together with contemporary architectural creation, with emphasis on tourism, health, sports, educational and cultural facilities.

Many international and Greek distinctions and awards, publications, and scientific reports have made the work of the firm widely known for its quality and reliability.

TPA has a very well-rounded team, comprised of talented planners, architects, and landscape architects who are experienced and empowered to serve clients in every aspect of the project. Our team approaches each new architectural work with fresh thinking, a rigorous and methodical process, and a solid commitment to design excellence, that goes hand in hand with functional, technical, ecological, and financial considerations, with respect to cultural and natural heritage.

The Costa Navarino Residences project is developed and executed by a core team comprising of Ivi Nanopoulou, Irini Nikitaki, Pavlos Aravantinos, Katerina Andritsou who are passionately committed to meet the particular creative and technical challenges of the project from its concept to its realization.

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