Why W Costa Navarino is the Ultimate Influencer Hotspot

Outdoor activities, fine dining, and photo ops. Here is what photographers and influencers have to say about W Costa Navarino and Navarino Agora.

By Paulina Björk Kapsalis

Not that long ago, before the development of the now world-renowned sustainable destination Costa Navarino, the verdant region of Messinia was little-known among tourists. The peaceful area on the westernmost “finger” of the Peloponnese, scattered with olive groves and lapped by the intense blue Ionian Sea, a place that naturally lends itself to long hikes in nature and cultural exploration, is one of those places you fall in love with for its authenticity. Inspiringly, thanks to Costa Navarino’s commitment to sustainability, it has stayed that way.

W Costa Navarino, which opened its doors to adults and young adults over 12 years old in the newest area of Costa Navarino in 2023, has managed to bring even more life to Messinia. Pairing the serene and sustainable character of the destination with the vibrant, socially-driven nature of the W brand is a concept that speaks to every traveler who likes to do more than relax on vacation. With its spirited event program and destination beach club, Parelia, where local and international DJs kindle the lively atmosphere, the resort appears to be the new place to be in the Mediterranean. Looking at social media, influencers agree. “If you’re looking for great facilities, food, views, and service, W Costa Navarino is the perfect spot for you as a couple or with a group of friends,” says British singer and influencer Josh Cuthbert, who visited the resort last season.

Experiences that stand out

Besides the facilities, Cuthbert, who visited with his girlfriend, model and influencer Chloe Lloyd, praises the variety of activities on offer – especially the outdoor experiences: “One that stood out for us was the hike to Kalamari Waterfall. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We were taken by a guide who taught us about the area, from the history to the local wildlife, and we were able to take a refreshing dip in the waterfall capturing some incredible pictures and videos. I also tried ‘foiling’ at the Watersports Center, which was great!”



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French TikTok influencer couple Kelly and Mareva Honvault enjoyed the outdoors as well: “Thanks to the electric bikes, which were great fun, we were able to explore the beautiful coastline without getting tired, and discovered some lovely beaches. We also had a private tennis lesson at the Mouratoglou Tennis Center – an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine with friends, laughter, and learning, with a very attentive and friendly teacher.” Miss France 2021, influencer Amandine Petit, also enjoyed a bike ride during her stay, saying “I loved the bike ride which led us to a protected beach with incredible water.”


The diverse culinary choices are getting excited feedback as well. Costa Navarino has over 40 restaurants and bards, serving everything from traditional and contemporary Greek food to an extensive collection of international cuisines, all using local ingredients for the sake of both environmental and social sustainability. Cuthbert and Lloyd were especially impressed with the breakfast at “Platia,” W Costa Navarino’s breakfast area, which is built to resemble a traditional Messinian village square, with a separate deli, café, bakery, and live cooking station. For a romantic evening, meanwhile, they recommend “Piquantro” at Navarino Hills. Greek photographer Nicholas Mastoras, meanwhile, singles out W Costa Navarino’s “Parelia” for its seaside setting in combination with the excellent food, as well as “Green Pepper” for its relaxed atmosphere, music and vegetarian menu. Kelly and Mareva agrees, adding that “Everywhere we ate, the food and service were incredible!”


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W Costa Navarino was the first property globally to gain an International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) accreditation, a fact that was also appreciated by Kelly and Mareva. “It means a lot!” they explained. “When we travel, our subscribers from the LGBTQIA+ community ask us a lot about how we’re perceived in the country and at the hotel, and we notice that traveling is very scary for some same-sex couples. An accreditation like this will allow many people to travel stress-free, safe, and able to be themselves. We felt really comfortable at W Costa Navarino and will recommend it with our eyes closed.”

Architecture and Navarino Agora

Unsurprisingly, another side of W Costa Navarino that photographers and influencers highlight is the architecture and design. The entire property is inspired by Greek coastal villages, many structures feature planted roofs, and all the aesthetics are filtered through the lens of fresh modern beach living, with eye-catching design elements and contemporary art displayed throughout. It’s a buffet of great photo ops.

“I loved the architecture, both the interior and the exterior, and I was really impressed with the landscaping,” says Mastoras. Kosmas Koumianos, renowned Greek photographer, adds: “The view from the central pool towards the sea is the ultimate photo opportunity – it makes the perfect canvas for numerous rather exotic and creative concepts, day or night.”

Both photographers point out a couple of spots at Costa Navarino’s new marketplace, Navarino Agora, as well: “At Navarino Agora I spotted the excellent location of the floating restaurant in the middle, and I captured an amazing video of the sunbeams reflecting on the water and the restaurant at sunset – it was extremely atmospheric!” says Koumianos.


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Located just a short walk down the waterfront promenade from W Costa Navarino, the new Navarino Agora offers an abundance of options for high-end shopping and dining, boasts even more events for guests to enjoy, and is open to the public. “It is a very interesting project,” says Koumianos. “We had the chance to pass by during a small instrumental concert at the center of the Agora at sunset. The scenery was magical!”