Quiz: How well do you know the landmarks of the Peloponnese?

Venetian castles, paradise beaches and ancient sanctuaries – the great Peloponnesian peninsula is a melting pot of historical sites and natural wonders.

By Vasilis Minakakis

Did you know that besides iconic beaches, there are Venetian castles and significant examples of ancient Greek architecture located just a short drive away from Costa Navarino? Some, like the birthplace of the Olympic Games, are widely famous, while others, like the city of ancient Messene, are true hidden gems waiting to be explored. The same can be noted about medieval sites and natural wonders, too. From one of Greece’s most iconic beaches to thrilling castles and caves, there’s plenty to discover, and we bet some of the sights will surprise you.


How much do you already know about the landmarks of the Peloponnese? Before you head out to see them for yourself – let’s check your knowledge.