Quiz: How much do you know about Messinia?

Olives, temples and rare birds… How great is your knowledge about the unique corner of the world that’s home to Costa Navarino? Take our quick test and see.

By Giorgos Tsiros

Perhaps the enchanting blue of the Ionian Sea and the pillowy sand dunes of its beaches is what first draws most visitors to Messinia. What keeps them coming back, however, is the extraordinary depth and richness of its cultural heritage. Indeed, you could spend years exploring the region’s history, traditions, and way of life, and still have more to discover. Did you know that Messinia is home to more than one UNESCO World Heritage site, that its cuisine is literally rooted in its fertile soil, or that it’s home to one of Europe’s most important wetlands supporting rare and endangered flora and fauna? Can you name its medieval castles, or the famous people with special connections to this remarkable corner of Greece?

Before your next visit, let’s test your knowledge about Messinia: