Become your own healer through an innovative metabolic balancing program based on Hippocratic principles

Eucrasia* is the state of total body balance in which one can ideally be.

Costa Navarino has joined forces with the Eucrasia International Centre of Wellness and Preventive Health Treatment (awarded by Conde Nast Traveler in its 2015 Spa Awards for “Most Progressive Detox”) to present Eucrasia Messinia.

Eucrasia Messinia applies in-depth screening methods in its innovative metabolic and psychoemotional balancing programs that aim to rebalance metabolism, neutralize stress, increase stamina, stimulate skin and achieve weight loss.

Eucrasia programs have evolved from 15 years of scientific research by a multidisciplinary team led by George Leon, an expert in metabolic Physical and Nutritional Biochemistry, who has assisted international athletes, Olympic champions and professional basketball teams.

Eucrasia Messinia hosted at the multi-award winning Anazoe Spa, will be available in 2016 through 4-18 November 2016.

Guests at Costa Navarino will have the opportunity to experience Eucrasia Messinia programs lasting 7 or 14 days. These programs aim to boost cell rejuvenation through nutrition therapy based on Messinia’s celebrated Mediterranean diet.

The fully customized programs consist of medical tests, individual nutrition plans, relaxation treatments, physical rehabilitation and body workouts delivered by a team of specialized doctors, nutritionists, ergo therapists and physical trainers.

All treatments are tailor-made, based on the outcome of medical tests, analyzed in cooperation with the Biochemistry Department of the University of Thessaly and the Toxicology Department of the University of Heraklion, Crete.

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Eucrasia is an ancient Greek term resulting from two components: -eu for “well” and – Krasis for  “mixing”. According to Hippocrates it is the condition of harmony or balance among human fluids such as blood, water (phlegm), black bile and yellow bile that make up an individual’s body and soul. When these qualities circulate and function harmoniously, then a healthy state is achieved and so is “Eucrasia”. Any change in the balance of these components is the direct cause of all diseases, i.e. dyscrasia.

Eucrasia Messinia highlights

Medical test

medical tests

Following a series of medical tests, the Eucrasia team customizes the Mediterranean diet model to the specific needs of each individual as an essential parameter of preventive medicine. Their ultimate target is to minimize the manifestation of “bad” genetic material while activating cellular protection.




Physical Rehabilitation


The physical rehabilitation program re-balances the body’s myofascial structure (soft tissue) and stimulates the right muscles in order to augment the respiratory function. In addition, it helps remove cellular metabolic toxins, wastes and residue via the lymphatic system.




Individual nutrition plan

individual nutrition plan

Based on 15 years of research, Eucrasia’s scientific team has created an Individualized Iso-Glycemic Nutritional Model that takes full advantage of the detoxifying and antioxidant benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Eucrasia nutritionists, biochemists and chefs look forward to introducing Costa Navarino guests to a completely natural Messinian food therapy, using the purest, organic, local herbs and plants.



Body workout

body workout

The body workout program offers a personalized exercise protocol that is easy to remember and can be practiced anywhere. Trained ergo physiologists, Soma therapists and coaches will acquaint Costa Navarino guests with kinesiotherapy, aerobic and functional exercises.




Relaxation treatments


All relaxation treatments take place at ANAZOE SPA. The aim of ANAZOE SPA is to help individuals reconnect with themselves through health and beauty practices of ancient Greece which make use of unique natural and revitalizing ingredients from the region.




Follow Up


Upon completion of the program, guests will be hosted for two months in a personalized Internet environment where they will have access to all test results and expert consultations.



Eucrasia Medical tests:

  • Hormonal, biochemical, blood checkup.
  • Detection over of 20 blood parameters based on recent WHO instructions and relayed on metabolic homeostasis.
  • Complete cellular scanning.
  • Analyse the most redox and anti-oxidant elements via immunity bio-markers.
  • Toxicological hair test.
  • Detection 10 of the most toxic pollutants based on new WHO announcement, plus 3 valuable nutritional trace elements.
  • Complete Metabolic Test.
  • B.M.R.,% Analogy of macro-nutrients etc.
  • Ergo-physiological R.Q., scanning via treadmill, that detects lactate zones, all the metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, spO2%, etc.
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