Navarino Pet Community

Being condemned to death is no way to start a life, but that’s exactly what happened to Orpheus and Euridice.

These two newborn puppies were stuffed in a plastic bag and abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, a kind passerby heard their whimpers and delivered them to the care of the Navarino Pet Community, the adoption center for stray dogs and cats that’s based in Costa Navarino. Today, the pair have found a home together and live happily with their new owner, being loved and giving love back.

As you explore Messinia, you’ll probably come across stray animals that haven’t been so lucky. You’ll see them wandering in search for food, or, even worse, spot their lifeless bodies, inevitable traffic fatalities, by the side of the road. The volunteers at Navarino Pet Community have donated over 3,000 hours of their time to change this sad image, which does such a dis-service to this beautiful and hospita-ble region. They care for the animals and work to facilitate adoptions by pet lovers from Greece and beyond. To date, they’ve successfully placed 40 animals in new homes, saving their lives and bringing joy to their adoptive families.

Love knows no borders

Donna, just three months old, was adopted by a German visitor to the resort and re-turned home with her. Coco followed her new owners, a Swedish couple working with the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO), on their scientific missions to the Arctic Circle. A British couple, worthy of an award for compassion, first adopted the adorable canine Mr Wilson and then returned to the Navarino Pet Community to pick up his two sisters.
A visit to the facilities of the Navarino Pet Community could be your first step to taking part in this heartwarming story. The center’s residents, including playful Ormi, shy Rebel and loving Barrel, are being well cared for here; they’ve been given their vaccines and they’re all well-fed now. But it’s a shot of another kind that they need: a shot at a loving home of their own, where they can find a family and return the affection that’s given to them.