Messinia without strays

Costa Navarino and the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation” are pleased to present the three-year program “Messinia without strays”, which is being implemented by the nonprofit organization Dogs’ Voice in cooperation with the municipalities of Pylos-Nestor and Trifylia.

The first phase of the program has already been implemented between 22-24 November 2019, resulting in the examination, sterilization, vaccination and electronic tagging of 136 dogs, as well as the successful adoption of 54 dogs that have now found a permanent home. The program is being carried out through a three-pronged agenda of sterilization, education and volunteering, and the initial phase was completed with the assistance of 22 veterinarians of the Greek Action of Volunteer Vets, 78 volunteers and 12 sponsors at three veterinary clinics in Pylos, Gargaliani and Kyparissia.


The second phase of the “Messinia without strays” program is scheduled for 6-12 April 2020 and continues with the sterilization of stray animals, in conjunction with educational programs for schoolchildren and public agencies of all levels. Part of this phase will focus on a nationwide information and awareness campaign to promote the adoption of strays, with the generous support and selfless participation of┬ácelebrities and sports personalities, including Giorgos Kapoutzidis, Nandia Kontogeorgi, Leonidas Koutsopoulos and Theodoros Papaloukas.

Addressing the program presentation event, the Chairman of TEMES S.A. and President of the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation”, Achilles V. Constantakopoulos, said: “I would like to thank all those who participated in this initiative, our municipalities, the veterinarians, the animal welfare organizations, our volunteers and supporters. It is heartwarming to see how our society has embraced this common effort and highlight the need to resolve the serious problem of stray animals. It is inconceivable for a region such as ours, which wishes to be identified with quality sustainable development, to have thousands of stray animals. We believe that our region must serve as a model example that will be followed by other regions, with the ultimate goal of one day becoming a country without strays.”

The event at Navarino Dunes, Costa Navarino, was honored by the presence of the Mayor of Pylos-Nestor, Panagiotis Karvelas, who noted in his address: “With the long-standing support and cooperation of TEMES, we have managed as a municipality to not only promote our region all over the world, but also resolve many everyday issues, such as the management of stray pets.” While the Mayor of Trifylia, Giorgos Leventakis, stressed that: “Our efforts for the welfare of stray animals and their harmonious coexistence with humans will continue unabated and in close collaboration with the competent agencies, voluntary groups and veterinarians, as well as with the informed, active citizens of our municipality, who care for them on a daily basis.”

More than 30 volunteers, veterinarians, supporters of and contributors to the program, who were instrumental in the successful implementation of the first phase, were presented with awards at the event. Special thanks for their selfless contribution were also extended to the advertising agency Tribe, the production company FeelMeFilms, Ms. Lelia Andronikou and the Podimatas Group.