The Dunes Beach, a nesting site

We are delighted to welcome the first turtle nests on The Dunes Beach for summer 2017.  In about two months the hatchlings will be ready to begin their journey in the Mediterranean!

Costa Navarino in cooperation with “Archelon”, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, implement a protection program of the Caretta caretta  sea turtles including monitoring and actions on the beach during the nesting period.

That is why Barbouni, beach restaurant, is not open after sunset as well as sunbeds are picked up from the beach.  Any lights would deter the turtles from leaving the sea to build their nests on the beach, as they have been doing uninterruptedly for thousands of years, and would also disorient hatchlings as they attempt to reach the sea for the first time.

For the same reason, the lighting near our beach facilities has been purpose designed, with the use of special shields and vegetation to ensure that the lights are not visible from the beach.