Multi-awarded culinary experience

The signature gastronomical experience at Costa Navarino has received international recognition in the form of eight World Luxury Restaurant Awards for five restaurants!

The awarded restaurants have been recognized for their unique characteristics which underlie the multi-cultural culinary offerings at Costa Navarino.

This recognition vindicates the efforts of Costa Navarino’s culinary teams to create outstanding dishes based on fresh seasonal ingredients that are sustainably produced in the region.

Flame Restaurant:

–        Continent Winner- Mediterranean Cuisine

–        Regional Winner- Luxury Steakhouse/Grill

Barbouni Restaurant:

–        Continent Winner- Luxury Scenic Setting

–        Regional Winner- Luxury Seafood Restaurant

Inbi Restaurant:

–        Continent Winner- Japanese Cuisine


–        Global Winner: Greek Cuisine

–        Continent Winner: Luxury Family Restaurant

Armyra by Papaioannou:

–        Country Winner- Luxury Sea Food