Future Developments

Navarino Bay
The 140-hectare (346-acre) Navarino Bay site is expected to welcome visitors in the near future. Stretching along a magnificent 2 km seafront that affords breathtaking views of the Bay of Navarino, particularly at sunset, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty and enormous historical importance.
Widely celebrated in myth and history, the Bay of Navarino is famous for the many naval engagements that have taken place there, among them the Battle of Navarino in which the allied armada of Britain, France and Russia defeated the Ottoman fleet on 20 October 1827, marking a decisive turning point in the Greek Revolution that led to Greece's independence nearly 200 years ago.

In a balanced synthesis of architecture and landscape the buildings will merge harmoniously into the site's natural terrain. Navarino Bay is already home to the 18-hole seaside Bay Course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. and managed by Troon Golf. It will also be the site of an upscale 5-star hotel, along with sports and leisure facilities. 

Navarino Beach 
Enjoying unobstructed vistas of the historic Bay of Navarino and Sfaktiria island, this will be a vibrant site (15,8 hectares - 39 acres) on a spectacular seaside location. Featuring a 5 star hotel, it will provide direct access to the signature golf courses, as well as to sports and leisure facilities on offer. It is located close to the quaint seaside village Gialova, where visitors can find small restaurants, fish taverns, entertainment venues and a variety of shops, lining its picturesque seafront. Right next to the village is Gialova lagoon, one of the most important wetlands and key stopover site in the flyway of migratory birds, making it one of the most noteworthy birdwatching destinations in Greece. 

Navarino Hills 
Nestled on a hillside, surrounded by an abundance of unique flora and fauna, Navarino Hills (more than 500 hectares - 1,235 acres) near the village of Kynigos, will be a true eco deluxe site, affording breathtaking views of the town of Pylos, Navarino Dunes, Navarino Bay and Sfaktiria Island. At Kynigos, visitors will encounter the age-old traditions and hospitality of small Greek villages, as the village is well-preserved, maintaining its authentic character.
This will be a distinct site in Costa Navarino, as it will be the only hillside location. Two 18-hole signature golf courses are already underway, whereas the site will also feature boutique hotels and unparalleled high-end facilities. 

Navarino Blue 
With a 1 km meandering sandy beach facing azure, crystal clear waters, Navarino Blue (covering an area of 210 hectares - 518 acres) is located in the Gulf of Messinia, just a 10-minute drive from Kalamata International Airport. The site is located close to the region's capital Kalamata, which is dominated by the ruins of a 13th century Frankish castle, overlooking today the old quarter of the seaside city. Messinia’s capital is a vivid and lively city, with a range of cultural attractions, entertainment spots from the morning till late at night, as well as shopping venues

Navarino Blue is also conveniently located for a visit to one of Greece’s most important archaeological sites – Ancient Messini, one of the most significan ancient cities in terms of its size, form and state of preservation, located amidst virgin natural surroundings. Navarino Blue will become a destination that takes full advantage of its amazing setting –encompassing Karias river that meanders through the site- offering 5-star deluxe hotels, alongside a golf course, spa center, conference facilities, as well as extraordinary sports and leisure activities.