Cultural Objects

Ceramic art: pottery is one of the world’s oldest handicrafts and the ceramic tradition developed by the ancient Greeks was surely one of the most sophisticated. The word ‘ceramic’ comes from the Greek keramos, meaning ‘potters’ clay’. 

Thanks to its durability, pottery has provided archaeologists with an invaluable insight into many aspects of ancient Greek life and culture, including religion, dress and social attitudes. Inspired by ancient Greece and the rich natural habitat surrounding Costa Navarino, the Navarino Icons Games, provide a fun and entertaining learning experience that stimulate the children’s senses and add to their knowledge. Made from quality paper, they are perfectly structured and easy to use, without need of scissors or glue. 

Navarino Icons Fortune Cubes Game
In Ancient Greece, cubes as a form of divination were a popular game that played an important role in the art of prediction. Mentioned also in Homer, these handcrafted ceramic fortune cubes are marked with symbols inspired by Mycenaean culture, related to Family, Love, Power, Wealth, Luck, Wisdom and Conflict. The Game comes with instructions.
Navarino Icons Ceramic Horse Figurine

The love of animals in life and death was a very important aspect in the ancient Greek world. This ceramic horse figurine was inspired by grave findings of the Mycenaean era, in the Peloponnese.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Dice

Games with dice were played since ancient times. According to Greek mythology the Homeric hero Palamides, was the inventor of the games with dice during the Trojan War. Inspired by dice excavated in the 7th century BC, four dice decorated with Mycenaean era colours, are placed in a square carton box.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Doll Figurine

Similar objects excavated in several sites in the Peloponnese have influenced the creation of the Navarino Ceramic Doll Figurine; for a Mycenaean child the doll was a beloved everyday game.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Sandal

Sandals, derived from the ancient Greek sandalon, have been worn in Messinia since antiquity. The design of this handcrafted ceramic sandal was inspired by an intriguing artefact discovered by archaeologists, the straps and thongs represented by painted patterns and bands.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Piglet Figurine

The love of animals in life and death was a very important aspect in the ancient Greek world. This ceramic piglet figurine was inspired by grave findings of the Mycenaean era, in the Peloponnese.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Ram Figurine

This ceramic ram recreates a particular type of terracotta animal figurine found at several Early Bronze Age sites in the Peloponnese. In Messinia, such figurines have been discovered in the ‘Palace of Nestor’ at Pylos.

Navarino Icons Ceramic Deer Figurine

This ceramic animal figurine represents the deer, which in Greek mythology was sacred to Artemis, goddess of the hunt and wild animals.

Games for Children
Navarino Icons Palace Puzzle

The theme of this puzzle has been inspired, influenced and adapted by Mycenaean wall paintings dating mainly to 1,250-1,200 BC. The 28piece puzzle comes in a carton box depicting the illustration and decorated with Costa Navarino insignia.

Navarino Paper Craft Ancient Figurines

Inspired by artifacts found during excavations in Messinia, these 3D paper figurines are quick and easy to create without scissors or glue. They make novel, colourful decorations and are a fun way to acquaint children with the rich world of ancient Greek culture.

Navarino Icons 3D paper craft model Caretta Caretta

The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Caretta), a critically endangered species, nests at the beach of Romanos and other sandy stretches along the Messinian coast. At Costa Navarino, with the cooperation of Archelon, a special program using GPS technology, maps, monitors and protects loggerhead nests of this rare turtle so that the safe hatching of the eggs and the unhindered journey of the hatchlings to the sea is guaranteed.

Navarino Icons 3D paper craft model Bird

This bird figure is based on a design found on an ancient clay vessel and represents the 271 different species, some very rare, which are either permanently residing at Gialova Lagoon or stop here during the migration period. Costa Navarino in cooperation with the Hellenic Ornithological Society, funds an extensive research program to protect and highlight the lagoon’s avifauna.

Navarino Icons 3D paper craft model African chameleon

Gialova Lagoon is the only place in Europe where the critically endangered African Chameleon is found, though it is still unknown how the reptile arrived in the region. According to one theory, the Romans, who are known to have kept chameleons as pets, may have brought it from Egypt. Since 1998, the Hellenic Ornithological Society has been conducting in Gialova a program with the objective to monitor and protect the species.

Navarino Canvas Tote

The Navarino Canvas Tote was conceived as the ultimate shopping bag. Created with natural cotton fibers, it is very ample and very sturdy to hold daily groceries. Its distressed look provides a contemporary and fashionable edge, a bag to also carry to the beach, the gym, or to school.

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