Costa Navarino: “Engaging Art”

The innovative art concept that was launched last year and aims to become a permanent platform for contemporary visual arts returned to Costa Navarino in 2014. This years' exhibition was entitled "Mimicry". The word mimicry dates back to 1637 and is derived from the Greek verb “mimeisthai”, or "to imitate". Mimicry is related to camouflage, in which a species resembles its surroundings or is difficult to detect. The exhibition was curated by the conceptual artist Dimitrios Antonitsis and lasted until September 14th. Art lovers had the chance to meet five artists in-residence: Dimitrios Antonitsis, Ryusuke Kido, Martha Dimitropoulou, Eva Mitala and Carsten Fock and actively join and interact with them, while creating their next work of art in-situ.

“Costa Navarino: Engaging Art” encourages guests to enhance their holiday experience by boosting their knowledge of the world of contemporary art. As well as discovering the work of the participating artists and their experimental techniques, guests have the chance to actively join the artists and interact with them, while they create their next work of art in-situ.

The exhibition brings to life this dynamic interaction of artwork amidst a stunning environment. Costa Navarino: “Engaging Art” picked up the top accolade at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2013 in the category ‘Best Innovation: Public Area’.