Culture & Messinian Authenticity

Culture & Messinian Authenticity

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As part of Costa Navarino's philosophy to promote the region of Messinia and share the stories of its rich heritage, guests are introduced to the Messinian Authenticity program, through which they are able to experience a number of the local traditions and customs.

Activities that offer authentic cultural experiences include cookery lessons in local homes, learning new culinary skills inspired by the region's cuisine, wine-making and tasting tours, traditional olive harvesting and local dance and singing events. Visitors at Costa Navarino can come closer to the heart of Messinia and return home enriched with the knowledge on the region's traditions.

Cultural activities

Philosophy Walks, an innovative activity taking place at Navarino Dunes, enable guests to discuss important modern-day issues through the prism of ancient Greek philosophical thinking and writings. The introduction to Greek philosophy is held during a leisurely walk taking in the idyllic Messinian countryside, amidst hundred-year old olive trees. For more informationon on the Philosophy Walks, please view the pdf file on the left.

Symposium – Taking the concept of Philosophy Walks one step further, the “Symposium” takes its inspiration from Ancient Greece and combines philosophical discussions with the degustation of food consumed in ancient Greece. This activity that takes place for a small group of people, touches upon subjects of the Greek philosophers over a gastronomical experience that travels back to ancient times.

Astronomy nights  - a new interactive experience organized by the Navarino Environmental Observatory and  the Navarino Natura Hall. As visitors for this observing activity, guests become the astronomers deciding how the night unfolds. It is their opportunity to investigate the cosmos as conceived from a Messinian's view angle.  This unique astronomical experience includes observation of planets, like Saturn and its rings, features on the Moon, Jupiter and its satellites, beautiful nebulae such as Orion, galaxies, stars and many others.

At Costa Navarino, a weekly program of events, introduces guests to the region's customs and traditions.

Some of the services and facilities at Navarino Dunes operate on a seasonal basis, if a facility or activity is of particular interest to you please contact us at to ensure that it will be operational during your stay.